Bovi-Shield MH-One vaccine is a highly effective, potent single shot MH vaccine demonstrating protection within 7 days through challenge.

Like people, cattle get colds and if one cow gets infected, it doesn’t take long to spread through the mob.

Australian surveillance shows that Mannheimia haemolytica (MH) is one of the most common bacterial components of the BRD Complex.

Abattoir data indicates that sub-clinical BRD is common. The consequences are depression and loss of appetite, causing a reduction in carcass weight and reduced meat quality in young cattle1.

Cattle have evolved to hide their symptoms to avoid being singled out by predators. So if you see a cow with symptoms of ‘a cold’ then it’s likely that there are many more that are challenged or infected.

Bovi-Shield MH-One is a highly effective MH vaccine for on-farm protection. Bovi-Shield MH-One works fast, providing protection within 7 days and it lasts for at least 17 weeks.

This vaccine ensures your cattle are will have optimum protection prior to weaning or feedlot induction.

Lee Taylor, Controlling BRD on farm

James Lenehan, Beggan Beggan Pastoral Co.

Ben Emms, CTLX

Tom Heggaton, Finlay Family Pastoral

Don Madden, Smithfield Feedlot

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Mark Torrens, Neusa Vale

Lee Taylor, Understanding BRD

Rapid cover is critical in the high-stress environments where young, newly weaned, susceptible and unsocialised cattle are involved. Bovi-Shield MH-ONE provides fast protection; maximising opportunities for weight gain and meat quality. Compare Bovi-Shild MH-ONE with typical 2-Shot programs.

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